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Proven Adult Foster Care in Morrison County

Dedicated to providing a wide range of services to individuals of adult age, ALC Homes in Royalton, MN, will exceed your expectations for quality adult foster care solutions. Clients can take advantage of group home locations across Little Falls, Cold Spring, and Menahga. You or your loved one can look forward to our licensed community residential settings and a wide range of supportive living services.

Living Room with Sofa

Meal Preparation & Personal Care

From meal preparation and cooking to personal grooming and cleaning, our corporate adult foster care program provides the assistance you deserve. Our professional caregivers are available in each group home to assist with the various activities of daily living. No matter the location, we deliver 24/7 support to clients with an array of disabilities. Reducing anxiety and fear associated with not being able to complete household chores is one of our main objectives.

Social & Adaptive Services

What you’ll find at ALC Homes is more than just help with routine tasks; we work with individuals to improve social and adaptive skills. Our adult foster care program uses proven techniques to build constructive communication proficiencies, a willingness to participate in community activities, and improvements in mobility. Leisure and recreation are paramount to the success of our supportive living services. Feel free to ask a knowledgeable staff member about money management tools, sensory and motor development resources, and behavioral and mental health services.


  • Adult Foster Care
  • Supportive Living Services
  • Multiple Group Home Locations
  • Meal Preparation & Cooking
  • Social & Adaptive Skill Training
  • 24/7 Support

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Serving individuals in supportive and uplifting homes throughout the region, ALC Homes is your leader in excellent adult foster care. Our services play an integral role in the community and have a significant impact on the lives of residents and their families. If you’re interested in learning more about our program, reach out to a friendly representative today.